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Hemmed In By Busyness

October 04, 2018

Busyness is strangely energising (hence the adage ‘want something done? Give it to the busy person’). But the energy it provides has a narrower and narrower field of visions. Busyness hems me in.

What do I mean?

My experience of being (too?) busy at work and in life is that I have energy to react to my circumstances, but not enough energy to change course or think outside my circumstances. Yes it’s true - the more you pull a sling-shot back the further it will fire - but it will only ever fire forwards. Busyness keeps you on the straight and narrow in the same way - unable to look up and unable to look around but justable to keep going (sometimes without thinking).

It is almost guaranteed that busyness will kill your creativity as a result. Or put it another way: if you are feeling uncreative then it may be that you are too busy and need some headspace (I know I’m beginning to have a good holiday when I start thinking about new things or start being stimulated in my thinking).

Which is not to say that the focus provided by busyness can’t be harnessed for good - but it needs occasional disruptions. And the problem with most workplaces is that they keep you just busy enough that you don’t have time to think. Which itself makes you a worse worker. Left to their own devices, busy workers will become under performing workers.

Nigel Gordon

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