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How To Build A Basic Gatsby Site

25 July, 2019

As mentioned already , you are never too old to code and never too young to leverage all the benefits of code. But as someone who has…

Why No-one Will Pay For Your Expert Advice (And What To Do About It)

06 January, 2019

Good advice is incredibly valuable. But few people are willing to pay for it. It is THE challenge for the professional services firm…

The 13 Principles of Wealth That Young Teenagers Need to Know For Life

03 January, 2019

A career is not a wealth creation strategy. Nor is it a risk mitigation strategy. Spend less than you earn - especially when you are young…

Zero to 1 and 1 to N

06 October, 2018

Guest post by Tim Adeney who you can find on twitter at @timadeney In Peter Thiel’s Zero to One he distinguishes between two forms of…

Hemmed In By Busyness

04 October, 2018

Busyness is strangely energising (hence the adage ‘want something done? Give it to the busy person’). But the energy it provides has a…

Two Types of Investors

18 September, 2018

Guest post by Tim Adeney who you can find on twitter at @timadeney There are two types of investors, or perhaps more precisely two types of…

Angel Investing Is The New Normal

17 September, 2018

I was going to start this article talking about how the cost of building technology businesses (or software drive businesses) has collapsed…

Do Email Lists Still Work?

14 September, 2018

Marketers still highlight the importance of building an email list. Steli Efti of fame is a strong proponent of email marketing…

Why You Should Learn Coding in 2018

01 September, 2018

Most of us will never become proficient coders; most of us will never become coders as a job or even as a side hustle; most of us have…

Writing Begins Today

29 August, 2018

So this really is the first post on my new Gatsby blog. It is very exciting to have it up and running after a few fits and starts.